What Functional Fitness Means to Me: Motivation

In “What Functional Fitness Means to Me: Background,” I explained how functional fitness benefited me personally, mostly at work. I talked about how I was switched from Pre-physical Therapy to Exercise Science with a complementary minor. Let me tell you a little more about that.

My partner and I were called to drive a flight team with a 750 pound patient. Quite honestly, once we were on scene, we were fairly certain that was the weight we were told because our cot could not handle any more weight; it took 10 of us to safely move this patient and load them into the squad. The squad’s RPM skyrocketed to where my partner was nervously checking all the gauges. I was 21 years old. This patient was 22. The flight team reported that there was nothing in the medical history of the patient that would have prevented this patient from losing weight or would have caused such weight gain. That was where I changed my major.

I wish I could say that was the only time I was called for a patient who was too big to be flown, but unfortunately, that was one of two and not counting the countless others who required four or more of us to safely transport them.

On top of that, there are the thousands of elderly patients in nursing homes purely because they do not have the physical strength and mobility to live on their own.

Those people could still be living at home or at least in assisted living if they had someone to lead them in strengthening and stabilizing movements. Give them their freedom back.

Functional Fitness is Different for Every Individual.

I started training with Functional Fitness to better perform at work to keep my partner and my patients safe. I train other EMT and Firefighters who wanted to be able to be more of an asset and less of a liability in their jobs. I have clients who wanted to train functionally in order to maintain their independence at home.
When a potential clients comes to me, they usually talk about wanting to lose weight. Why? There’s always some motive behind that magic weight loss number. What do you really want? If you want to enter a body-building contest, functional fitness is not likely best for you because it focuses more on whole body movements, not bulking up specific muscles.

What is your motivation? Do you need help putting it into words? Do you need help reaching your goals?

Message me here, and we’ll get started!

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