About Legacy Health and Fitness

Whether you realize it or not, people are watching you. You leave behind an impression, a Legacy, in life. Why not leave a positive Legacy of Health and Fitness?
I started this business for those who want to set a positive example for the family, friends, and co-workers, for those who want to leave their own Legacy.

About Me

When my Plans A, B, and C fell through, I started college to become a Physical Therapist. While working as an EMT, both in private transport full-time and on a fire department, I realized helping people recover from illness and injury held less appeal for me than helping to prevent illness and injury. With this realization, I dropped Pre-physical Therapy from my double major and added a minor.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Baldwin Wallace University, major in Exercise Science, minor in Health Promotion & Education. After this, I was able to become certified as an Exercise Physiologist, obtained a Level 2 credential in Exercise is Medicine, and became a Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Remember how I was working as an EMT through college? I became an AEMT, Firefighter 1, and an EMS Instructor too! (And joined a rope rescue team, but I’m not certified in that yet!)

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