Why You Should Consider Functional Fitness

Yesterday, I was training a client I’ve worked with for not quite two years. She is 73 years old. When I asked about her goals almost two years ago, she wanted to do power-lifting – deadlifts specifically.

Deadlifts are my personal favorite. I think they’re one of the most practical, functional movements you can do. I was very excited deadlifts were her #1 goal. Other goals included increasing overall strength, balance, and losing weight.

She came in one day very excited that she hadn’t needed to wait for her daughter to help with moving the bag of dog-food from the car into the house. Another day, she came rushing in; she couldn’t wait to tell me she had lifted a window AC unit up off the ground, up and over into the trash bin – by herself!

We’ve talked about the different thoughts or styles of exercise. After a few set-backs, we are still working on deadlifts, but maintaining her independence and being able to run errands in the winter without fear of falling down steps or slipping on ice have taken priority.

Just yesterday, she said, “Kelly, when I think of how many people – men and women, my age and even younger – aren’t able to do some of the things I do now, I am so grateful. I know it’s because I’ve been doing this exercising that I can still do much.”

That is why you should look at functional fitness: so you can do what others can’t. So you can keep your quality of life high. So you can pick up your kids. So you can lift that piece of equipment at the shop. So you don’t feel imprisoned in your house because you’re worried about falling in the winter.

Functional Fitness leads to Freedom.

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