The Cost vs Benefit

Let’s be honest.

It’s not always practical to pay for a gym membership. Finances may be tight at home; you may not have the time or fuel to drive to the gym, workout, and drive home. I get it.

Gym memberships and equipment are great, but not having a membership is not a good excuse for not taking care of yourself – especially in this day and age of online shopping!

Even online shopping can be a challenge – knowing which product is worth the cost, which will actually be of use to you, etc. For both of our benefit, I have become an Amazon Affiliate. This means that I can share links of products that I have actually purchased and used and recommend. For example, if you’re looking for resistance bands to use, I can recommend these Phantom Fit bands. I use them primarily when I’m doing glute bridges, wall sits, clam shells, and leg extensions. Clients and friends have used them too over the last 2 years. They’ve lasted!

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