My Homemade Coffee Creamer

I switched to the high-fat, “bulletproof” morning coffee for awhile, which is adding 1 T of grass-fed butter and 1 T of coconut oil to your coffee, every morning for about 3 months. Then a new coffee creamer came out that looked absolutely wonderful; I had to try it.

All I could taste was chemicals. I made the mistake of reading the ingredients after being stunned by that first initial sip, and into the garbage went that $5.00. . .

So. Switched back to the bulletproof, somewhat pouting because what on earth was I going to do when Christmas rolled around and I really wanted peppermint creamer? (Ok, so I drink peppermint year-round. Still.)

A friend posted an Instagram story of her making cream for her tea. (No, she’s not British; I don’t know why she does this.) It looked pretty good, but I decided to experiment and tweak it a bit. I’m still playing with the ratios, but this is how I make my coffee creamer every week!

* 1.5 c heavy cream – none of this low-fat or low-sugar yuck
* Sweetener to taste: I typically use either Swerve or Raw Honey from local beekeepers. If I’m using Swerve, it’s about 1t; honey it’s 1.5t
* 1/4t Pure Vanilla Extract
* Optional: 1/8t additional flavoring, such as peppermint (edible) oil or extract

Mix them together. That’s it. I use an immersion blender which saves space and is easier to clean! This is the one I have and quite like – especially since it came with a whisk too.
This creamer stores in the fridge; I have a lovely Tupperware Counterscaping Liquid Containers that work PERFECT for creamer. I can’t really say from experience how long this is good to store because I go through it in about a week, maybe a week and half. It lasts that long.

Caution: if you whisk or blend it too much, it will turn into whipped cream, which isn’t bad, but. . .I had this happen once. Took me a minute to figure out what happened.

Yes, I realize that I became one of THOSE people who gave you the whole back-story before getting to the actual recipe. Sorry!

There are some links to Amazon in this post; I am required to tell you that I am an Amazon affiliate/associate.

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