When Life Gives You Lemons

It's Resurrection Sunday. The plan was to go to church with my parents and brother this morning, run home to change, and then head back over for Sunday dinner. Then my sinuses decided to flare up Friday night and get worse Saturday to the point where I sent my mum a text that I would... Continue Reading →

4 Letter Word, pt 2

I actually heard someone say today that they had been dieting all winter and ate awful this last week. Before getting into the next two diets we're looking at, let me first say that a diet may be seasonal - you might do Keto in the winter and Paleo in the summer - but one... Continue Reading →

4 Letter Word

I am quite certain all of us have heard friends and family tell us that they're trying a new diet. They can't go out for a girls night because of their new diet. This famous celebrity swears their new diet will work for you too. The doctor you just started seeing wants you to go... Continue Reading →

CrockPot Oatmeal: Apple & Cinnamon

Ingredients: 2 cored and diced apples3c whole milk1t ground cinnamon1t vanilla extract1T grass-fed butter2T brown sugar (this is what I use)1.5c steel-cut oats After cooking overnight on low (roughly 7.5hrs) in a crockpot greased with coconut oil... And served, drizzled with pure maple syrup and a little heavy cream!

Step into My Kitchen

I spent less than $9.00 on about 2 weeks of veggies yesterday, which included these green beans! Got them snapped and cleaned this afternoon. And. . .bacon from a local butcher sold at my town's market! Ta-Da! One of my favorite side dishes and so unbelievably easy! Now, normally, I will add some sliced or... Continue Reading →

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