Adapt and Grow

I had a few moments of frustration today which only made things worse.

Allow me to explain.

We had rope rescue training today which involved me going up a rope (with a belay line as a safety) and switching to a static rope to lower myself down. This was my first time doing such a thing.

Getting up was no problem – a team was hauling the mainline to hoist me up. Then I got up there. Never having been just dangling in the air while working, I didn’t get tangled up, per se, but keeping track of which carabiner belongs to which rope and which rope goes where is definitely different when you’re also focusing on staying upright!

Ah yes, staying upright.

My workouts typically consist of heavy lifting. Any core work is done with compound movements – deadlifts, squats, overhead presses…Those are movements relevant to my job – thus far. Today, hanging 25ft in the air, trying to stay upright while I worked required my core be activated – tight – the entire time! It wasn’t more than 5min, but think about holding a plank for 5min or holding a V-crunch for 5min. On top of that, once I switched ropes, I had to pull myself up a bit to release the carabiner from the first line. That’s a weird movement for me, and add in that I was already getting tired from holding a crunch/sit-up…oof!

Oh, and my legs and neck? They were tight, activated as well. My neck was keeping my head up (obviously) to see what I was doing. My legs were being used to hold ropes in place and help my core keep me right side up.

I got down and felt just exhausted and tight and sore. Even my hamstrings were not happy with me!

When I got home, pup was taken for a quick walk; food was made and ate; laundry was started; and a nap was taken. Now, as soon as I finish telling you my tale, I will be pulling up my personal workout program and doing some editing!

I have said repeatedly that I do not train for my looks.

I train for my health and to be able to do my job to the best of my ability.

Note the title of this article: I haven’t been doing anything wrong with my workouts. They have been working for me and my goals. Now, however, that I have added some job performance requirements, I need to edit or adapt my workouts to meet those new requirements. Instead of saying that I’m changing myself, I am growing myself.

I adapt my workouts, and I grow.

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