Adapt and Grow

I had a few moments of frustration today which only made things worse. Allow me to explain. We had rope rescue training today which involved me going up a rope (with a belay line as a safety) and switching to a static rope to lower myself down. This was my first time doing such a... Continue Reading →

Functional Fitness in the Real World

I applied for a grant for my fire department for some fitness equipment, and they requested a photo of something on our department, fitness-related. Probies are a wonderful group. I called one of ours to come up to the station where he got into full gear (minus the SCBA), I grabbed a kettlebell from my... Continue Reading →

Free from Falls

Winter is upon us. From an EMT point of view, this is the time of year that we get called out the most for falls, with or without injury! Severity of injury from falls can range from a scraped knee or sore wrist to a broken hip or brain injury.  How can you keep from... Continue Reading →

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