Tis the Season Special

It snowed for about 30 seconds in my little village this week before the 50 degree weather changed the snowflakes to raindrops.

We are now 2 months and 22 days away from Christmas! My mama has a new favorite saying: good stress is still stress. I think winter – Christmas especially – is the most wonderful time of the year, but I fully recognize that is not the same for everyone. Even if you love this time of year, you may still experience stress – good or bad.

When people start to stress, especially about the holiday season schedule, items start getting cut from your to-do list. What do you usually cut from your schedule first when things start to feel over-whelming? Guess the first thing for most people?

Did you say going to the gym? Or regular exercise? How about meal-planning? You may still be planning that big Thanksgiving Feast or Christmas Dinner, but what about the meals between those two days?

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For a limited time, I am offering one month of free online training. With online training, you get a program written specifically for you and your schedule! Instead of caving to the chaos of the holiday season, let someone help you take care of you! Also included are three recipes for you to try and weekly check-ins (via email) for accountability.

Don’t worry about packing on those holiday pounds everything talks about; don’t spend your time with family counting calories and staring wistfully at that cookie. Enjoy the season without feeling guilty!

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Looking for more information before you sign up? Here are a few articles I wrote to give you some insight into what you’d be getting into with this FREE Month of training.

Conscious Eating

Rolling Rolling Rolling

How Come I’m Not Sore

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