5 Things You Should Know About Your Trainers

Like every profession, certain expectations may be set for trainers and coaches based on tv and movies and social media. Let’s go over a few things; shall we?

  1. We don’t want to see you limping to your car.
    Will you experience muscle soreness? Quite possibly, especially later in the day or in the following days depending on your level of health and fitness.
    Is our goal to inflict pain? Negative. If you are in pain before or after your training session, let us know!
  2. There is a method to our madness.
    I heard this just tonight from a small group I was training. If your goal is to lose weight, lifting heavier weight might seem counter-intuitive. But. Trust us. If you have a good trainer or coach, you have someone who knows what they’re doing. We take a lot of things into consideration when creating your program – types of movements, order of movements, weights, sets, reps, rests – just to name a few things. That’s not even taking into account your medical history and any injuries or aches and pains you may have!
  3. Life happens. We understand.
    Life happens. We know something may come up that causes you to miss a session. Seriously. All we ask is that you call us ahead of time. I say 24hrs notice, but I make some exceptions. If you get sick, please don’t come in. I don’t have time to get sick. I’ll be fine with an hour’s notice if you were trying to tough it out. Now, if you’re sick or in an MVA every other scheduled session, then we have an issue or two to discuss.
  4. We really do want to help you.
    Yes, we’re doing this as our job to make money and live. But. We also want to help you. There’s not too many of us in fitness who got into this field to get rich. I got into this to help people get healthy or healthier, to help people avoid frequent rides in an ambulance. We care about your goals, but know the good trainers are setting goals for you that we may or may not tell you.
  5. There’s no quick fix or short-cut.
    You probably can’t get on social media without seeing ads or friends selling products promising to help “melt off the fat” or “boost your metabolism to shed those extra pounds.” We see them too. I won’t lie, I’ve tried one AFTER heavy research AND talking with my physician assistant about them to make sure they were safe and natural, non-toxic, chemical-free. Here’s the thing: the one I tried (it was a keto coffee, and I already made my own bulletproof coffee if I woke up early enough) was in conjunction with clean eating and regular exercise. Depending solely on the product won’t help you in the long-run; you need to change your lifestyle, not just pop pills or use magic cream. It takes some work. It’s not always easy, but that’s why we’re here. We provide guidance, coaching, accountability.

We don’t all do steroids. I’ve known of a few who do for competitions and vanity, but most of us actually put in the work and never go near the drugs or even consider them.
With that, we have our own goals. My goals have nothing to do with my appearance. I know that as I eat well and exercise regularly to meet my goals that my appearance will benefit too.

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