The Over-thinking Trainer

Confession time: I haven't been hitting the gym anywhere near as often as I should and want! The fire department has had almost my full attention from dawn to dusk. Trying to get up before the dawn to get to the gym did not go well. Most definitely not a morning person! However. Even when... Continue Reading →

The Weight of Your Armor

The last two weeks at my department's fire practice, we trained on firefighter survival using an obstacle course that has been one of my greatest dreads for the last three years. We typically conduct this training every three months, but for whatever reason, my officers decided we needed it two weeks in a row. For... Continue Reading →

Breaking & Making Habits

Disclaimer: I have not been working in this field long and am in no way, shape, or form claiming to know everything. I will never claim to know that as this branch of healthcare is a constantly changing field with new research always being completed and shared, and every professional should want to learn as... Continue Reading →

Getting Guidance

You may have heard or seen the phrase "new year, new me" floating around on various social media forms. New Year resolutions are a tradition that's becoming a joke. People resolve to be better in various ways in the upcoming year. However, the plan to be better typically ends before the third week of January... Continue Reading →

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