Functional Fitness in the Real World

I applied for a grant for my fire department for some fitness equipment, and they requested a photo of something on our department, fitness-related.

Probies are a wonderful group. I called one of ours to come up to the station where he got into full gear (minus the SCBA), I grabbed a kettlebell from my truck while he grabbed the RIT pack and a Halligan from our rescue truck. We pulled the squad out of the bay, and I showed him the Bear Crawl and Drag.

With the Kettlebell, knees were not allowed to touch the floor. With the RIT bag and Halligan, real-world application allowed the knees to be on the floor.

After several up-and-backs with the Kettlebell and again with the RIT bag and Halligan, I had the photos I needed, and he had a new exercise to add to his list!

Interested in this exercise or the Kettlebell in general? Click HERE for my favorite, shown in the picture. The ones I use at home are 16kg (35#).

The organization from which I applied for a grant is 555 Fitness, an organization dedicated to decreasing the number of Firefighter LODD by helping fire departments – volunteer and full-time – have access to fitness equipment. I’ve bought several shirts and hoodies from them – which are some of my favorite to wear around the station and during my work-outs – and equipment from their partners. For more information on how you can help with their mission click HERE.
Want to know more about the Bear Crawl and Drag? Click HERE.

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