Stormy Night Supper

It was a dark and stormy night. . .

It actually wasn’t. It was a bright and sunny afternoon; too humid and hot for my taste, but some people like it. I was getting ready to head to the gym and then mow my yard. Literally, as I grabbed my water bottle to leave, there was a crash! Looking outside, a tree limb had fallen behind my truck. Then the winds came.

Trees bent. Grass rippled. A box ended up in my yard, from where I have no idea. I had just gotten the window of my truck rolled up when the rain came. In sheets. Sideways. My poor mint took quite the beating.

My original plan for the evening had involved going to the gym and coming home to mow. This changed to not leaving my fire district to go to the gym and cooking up a storm. (Ha). When the power went out, plan c went into effect: be grateful I picked up deli meat and cheese this weekend and maybe get some cleaning done.

Thankfully, the power was only out for about an hour. We had got called out once, but a mutual aid department had gotten a phone call about it and were already on scene before anyone called 911. They were able to tell us to stand down; now it was time to cook a full meal!

I didn’t want a full sauce, but I let the tomatoes, basil (picked fresh from my plants), red onion, olive oil, and a dash of pepper simmer on the stove for a bit.

These are brown rice noodles. Gluten-free, slightly less processed (processed is still processed), and easier on my stomach than your usual flour pasta.

This weekend when I was doing meal prep, I browned several pounds of ground beef. Some was used in a quinoa-beef taco bowl, and some was saved for this dish! I added salami and topped with cheese.

Side note: I was making supper at 9pm one night after basketball practice, easy spaghetti, and, at that point in time, my daddy refused to eat a meal without meat. . . He’s much better now, but this dish would have had him licking his lips at the beef, salami, and cheese!

No real recipe with this dish, just flavors I know go well together and I love to eat! Perfect for what turned into a dark and stormy night!

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