New Program for You!!!!

We’ve all had those days when our Confidence level takes a hit. That day may have been caused by having to go clothing shopping. Even if you don’t go up in size, the clothes may not feel or look just quite right. You may have no energy; you’re not sleeping well at night, and that’s affecting your confidence at work or in your relationships.                                                          

How do you deal with those days???

I designed a 6-month program I’ve named “Confidence” which gives you information, guidance, and support to give your self-confidence a boost! This program includes a binder with monthly additions of nutrition information, recipes, an article to help you reach your goals, and a movement of the month; Confidence also includes monthly exercise programs designed for you and your goals!

The photo below gives you a DISCOUNT code valid through December 31, 2018. 

To enroll or get more information, you can fill out the contact page on this site or go to http://trainerize.me/profile/kellybarrett/kelly.barrett !!!



Confidence Discount Code!

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