Taking Advantage of the Covid

If you have had the chance to talk with me personally, you know my thoughts on this whole coronavirus; I’m not going to get into that here. Instead! Let’s look at some of the positives of this whole covid-19 situation!

I’ve started doing morning yoga, working on mobility; flexibility; and stability. I’ve always noticed that when I practice yoga, my lifts are better. I still have a LOT of room to improve – hamstrings specifically – but I’m taking advantage of this lockdown to work on this!

I had started slacking a little in my cooking, going for the easy stuff (browning ground turkey, adding some spices and veggies, eating with rice or quinoa or making egg casseroles) instead of making full meals – like this enchilada casserole! I have seen a lot of other people who typically hate cooking or baking, mainly because they never learned how, start cooking! They’re asking for recipes and posting pictures of the outcome!

Since people decided to stockpile, well, everything but produce, I’ve seen a lot of friends and acquaintances start trying cleaner recipes. People are planning gardens! As someone who grew up with a massive garden and has had my own little gardens since I got my own place, this is super exciting for me to see!

While we’re thinking about being outside. . .

Even though a lot of parks have been closed, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen this many people out for walks and taking the time to enjoy the fresh air! The sunshine and the fresh air are great for our bodies! Kids are turning off the tv and computer and gaming consoles and going outside to ride their bikes, decorate sidewalks, and do their home-school science projects. It’s almost like we went back in time to the 80’s and 90’s where kids are actually having fun being kids!

There is that lovely human tendency to be perfectly fine with doing something until we are told we have to do it. For example, I am an introvert. I like staying at home. I have a social quota every month for how many times I can actually go out and socialize with people – work doesn’t count. But, if a politician says I have to stay home and not see my friends, my automatic, human instinct kicks in and suddenly I want to see everybody!

If this lockdown is pushing the limits on even introverts, I can’t imagine how much the extroverts are struggling! Instead of focusing on what the government is doing (don’t focus on it, but remember it come November elections!), let’s focus on the positives!

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