Getting Started


Everyone is quite busy these days, rushing about from point A to point B. Who has time to just drop everything and start working out daily? That is just one more thing to add to your already chaotic schedule.

This post is dedicated to simple ways to increase your daily physical activity without having to add anything to to-do list. This is not taking the place of regular, moderate-to-vigorous exercise, but these tips will help get you moving for greater health benefits and desiring more exercise.

First will be the way you can increase physical activity, and second will be the why or the reasoning behind that way.

Way #1    Park farther away from buildings.

Why #1    You’ve probably already guessed the reasoning behind this way, but parking farther away causes you to walk more than if you parked in that desirable, closer spot. Walking has many, many health benefits including reducing your risk of heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, and the list continues. Walking is a cycle of overcoming friction and gravity every time you take a step, forcing your body to work for those benefits.

Way #2    Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Why #2    Taking the stairs causes the same cycle of overcoming friction and gravity the same as walking but to a greater extent. It’s going to work your musculoskeletal system more than walking, so you may see or feel more benefits sooner than walking.

Way #3     Fidget

Why #3     I know, this sounds crazy. I, personally, was quite happy when one of my university professors told us that fidgeting – tapping the foot, little kicking of the foot in class, clicking pens – is actually good for combating sedentary behavior. I was known for fidgeting in my seat during class, church, work, as means of trying to stay awake between working several different jobs, the full-time of which was a 7p-7a shift, and full-time class schedules. Fidgeting still promotes blood-flow, so while not as powerful as walking or taking the stairs, it still is good for you as a simple way of increasing physical activity. With fidgeting, I’m going to add standing when able to avoid sitting. If you have an office job, find out if it is possible to get a desk accessory that elevates so you have a standing desk. You’ll find yourself moving more with this set-up, even if it’s just shifting from foot to foot.

There you have three very simple, practical ways to increase your physical activity level without buying any equipment or services. Again, this a first step to bigger and better thing, but everyone has to start somewhere!



The photo featured in this post was found via Pinterest.

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