5 Reasons You Should Try Yoga

Yoga is a powerful vehicle for change. As you build strength you start to believe in your own potential. - Tiffany Cruikshank I will be honest. I am one who used to roll my eyes at yoga. Yoga days in P.E. were nap days. Yoga pants were pajamas. It was some pagan practice. Then I... Continue Reading →

The Weight of Your Armor

The last two weeks at my department's fire practice, we trained on firefighter survival using an obstacle course that has been one of my greatest dreads for the last three years. We typically conduct this training every three months, but for whatever reason, my officers decided we needed it two weeks in a row. For... Continue Reading →

Strength & Honor

Many have said and currently say that the God of the Bible, that Christians, promote weak women - mentally, physically, emotionally. Many have never read the Bible. Saving the topics of feminine education, business, and emotion for another time, let's look at the physical attributes praised by Solomon, the king of Israel blessed by God... Continue Reading →

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