What is hybrid training?

Hybrid training is a mix of in-person training and online training.

How does online training work?

You receive your workout program through a computer program; I use Google Drive. Depending on the program, you may be in contact with your trainer through email, phone, video message, or a mix of all three.

Does Legacy Health & Fitness do in-person training?

Eh…these days our in-person training is more for short-term group training if you’re local.

I’m on a budget; what’s the best option for me?

Online training is very budget friendly – at least with Legacy Health & Fitness! You can message me for some examples and math demonstrating this!

I don’t have a gym membership; what are my options?

Good news! You don’t need a gym membership to exercise! Body-weight exercises are great. You can also purchase inexpensive equipment to have at home.

How do I sign up?

We are glad you asked! CLICK HERE to sign up!

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