Movement Series: Words You May Want to Know

There are a few words you might hear when you start working out that cause you to scratch your head. So, before getting into the actual movements in this series, I wanted to go over a few of those words.

  • Bar: long piece of metal you put the weights on. This piece of equipment typically weights 45# but does come in smaller sizes (35#, smaller grip, etc.). AKA Barbell. There are other types of bars (Hexbar, for example), but we won’t be looking at those here.
  • Rack: two posts with what is a essentially a moving shelf. Provides some safety while lifting and holds your bar between sets. May be part of a Rig or independent.
  • Rig: multi-purpose frame. A rig might have a rack, pull-up bar, cables and attachments, rings, etc.
  • Collars: aka spring collars aka safety collars aka bar collars. Anytime you have plates on the bars, you need to have a collar holding the plates on the bar. This is for your safety and the safety of others. The collars keep the plates from sliding around on the bar or from sliding off.
  • Plates: weights which fit on the bars. Usually labeled with both pounds and kilograms. Can be made of various materials; some are designed to be dropped (Bumper Plates); others should only be dropped if the lift is going wrong or some other emergency occurs.
  • Kettlebell: think of a cannonball with a handle. Legend has it, that’s how they started out…Russians.
  • Dumbbell: a tiny bar with weight on either end. The weight on either end is usually a circular shape or a hexagon.

These are the basics most commonly used, and I promise some if not all will be used in the rest of this series!

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