Movement Series Intro

While working on the program for a fitness class, I started listing out certain movements that I want to highlight in the class. Then I thought, “why not highlight some movements on the website?”


Here comes a new series!

Movements highlighted will include but not be limited to:

  • The Squat. There are so many variations of the squat, some of which will be touched on in that article, but the foundation of the lift remains the same.
  • The Deadlift. This is my favorite, so of course I’ll write about it!
  • The Clean. This one also has a few variations with the same basic lift, and I actually really like The Clean too.
  • The Overhead Press & Push Press. Same idea, just literally one slight difference I’ll tell you about later.
  • The Thruster. This one I actually hate, a lot, but it combines a few of the other movements.

Wondering about the other series I did?

4 Letter Word was about diet – what that word actually means and the different diets you may have heard of, starting with Keto and Paleo
4 Letter Word, pt 2 covered Low Carb and Vegetarian.
4 Letter Word, pt 3 was the Mediterranean Diet and Vegan
4 Letter Word, pt 4 ended with the Old Testament Diet and Clean-eating/Natural Diet

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